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Oil centrifuges separate soot particles from engine oil to reduce engine wear. The system developed by MANN+HUMMEL with a plastic centrifuge can do more. It simplifies servicing, lengthens service intervals and integrates further important engine functions.

Soot particles penetrate the lubrication film and increase friction and wear. MANN+HUMMEL has developed a centrifuge for a major Scandinavian commercial vehicle manufacturer which spins a plastic rotor to remove these particles. The rotor is light and can be environmentally disposed of. With a service life of approximately 100,000 kilometers, the centrifuge considerably lengthens the interval between oil services. The centrifuge is fed with high-pressure oil from a bypass circuit. When passing through the rotor body the oil escapes through two nozzles on the underside of the rotor. As a result, the rotor is driven at high speed without the need for an external drive. When the oil passes through the high-speed rotor the resulting centrifugal writemypapers.org forces ensure that particles are deposited in layers on its interior wall. The cleaned oil then flows back to the oil circuit.

Clean service from below

Another highlight of the system from MANN+HUMMEL is the plastic cover screwed into the housing from below. Incorporated is an intelligent drain system to prevent oil spillage during service. This allows the rotor to be changed from underneath and enables a clean service. A mounting aid ensures the correct positioning of the new rotor.

Multiple functions offer advantages

The module includes many additional functions. A connection pipe pressed into the aluminum housing forms the interface for the oil return flow from the turbocharger through the centrifuge housing to the oil sump. An integrated oil reservoir prevents the backflow of de-oiled air into the crankcase ventilation system. In addition, a pressure control valve reliably protects the centrifuge and other engine components against excessive pressure in the oil circuit. The integration of these functions turns the oil centrifuge into a multifunctional engine interface.

Air cleaners and intake systems http://www.fhs.co.za/2018/10/23/developments-in-air-gas-filtration-technology/ Tue, 23 Oct 2018 14:36:23 +0000 http://designingart.club/?p=39

Nowadays, under the car hood there is less and less space available to fit components, but that does not compromise the performance of our air cleaners and intake systems. Our solutions convince with the highest filtration performance for cars and commercial vehicles.

Our filters have to achieve maximum performance in the smallest of spaces. The function and performance of the individual parts must not suffer from tight installation conditions. On the contrary, they have to meet higher and higher requirements. This is a challenge for the design of air cleaner systems. MANN+HUMMEL has addressed this point to enable the effective use of our air cleaners and intake systems in the small amount of space available.

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We produce systems which are designed to maximize the available installation space, protect your vehicle and engine and help the engine realize its highest performance. Our range includes diverse products such as resonators, dirty air and clean air ducts made with different manufacturing processes, many varied element geometries and products from the field of acoustics to enhance sound such as the symposer. With our reliable cabin air filters we protect the vehicle occupants.

We have accumulated our expertise over decades. We selectively use the expertise and continue to develop it. At the present time, we are therefore working on areas such as downsizing and downspeeding, real driving emissions and new limit values and driving cycles. Our intake manifolds, for example, are becoming increasingly important when it comes to reducing CO2 emissions and consumption. MANN+HUMMEL offers different technical solutions here, ranging from active charge air pipes to intake manifolds with intelligent flap systems and also intake manifold systems with fully integrated intercoolers.

When it comes to air cleaners and intake systems, our high level of plastics expertise in combination with our filtration know-how make us a reliable partner.

SRZ Racing Team Has Winning Performance with Donaldson Clean Solutions http://www.fhs.co.za/2018/10/23/unfiltered-air-shortens-air-compressors-life-span/ Tue, 23 Oct 2018 14:29:12 +0000 http://designingart.club/?p=33

The Situation

SRZ Racing is a “Supertruck” racing team located in New South Wales, Australia. SRZ has raced in Australia and New Zealand since 1989 and has experienced mixed success in its races on the Australian National Truck Racing Organization (ANTRO) circuit. Like all racing teams, SRZ continually strives to get better and win more races. So when Brett Howe of Donaldson Australasia approached SRZ with some ideas as to how Donaldson could help the team improve the performance of its racing trucks, SRZ was all ears.

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The Investigation

When Howe first approached SRZ, the team had no idea that Donaldson offered such a wide variety of products that could help improve racing performance. As Howe and the team walked around the SRZ racing truck, he pointed out that Donaldson manufactures high-performance air filters, breather systems for differentials, transmission filtration, engine oil filters, oil cooler filters, braking breather systems, diesel fuel filtration systems, as well as high-temperature wrapping materials that could boost the performance of the truck’s exhaust system.

The SRZ truck weighs 5 tons and has a 1,250hp engine (as compared to a typical over-the-road truck engine with about 400hp). The stresses and strains an SRZ racing truck faces in one lap on the circuit are equivalent to more than 1,200 miles (2,000 km) of over-the-road driving. Supertruck races are usually six laps, so you can imagine how tough the trucks have to be just to finish a race, let alone win one. It’s the equivalent of driving from Sydney to Los Angeles!

As a Donaldson expert, Howe is just as concerned with overall problem solving as he is with providing high-quality filtration products. The conversations with SRZ revealed that the team had recently been having problems finishing races due to mechanical engine failures. During his investigation, Howe discovered that the diesel fuel SRZ was putting into its racing trucks often came out of uncovered 44-gallon drums. Thus, it was very likely that the diesel fuel going into SRZ’s high-performance engines was severely contaminated with dirt and water, both of which are known to cause significant fuel system performance problems and failures.

“We haven’t changed a lot. But we put Donaldson on and we are now 1.5 seconds per lap quicker.”
– Stephen Zammit, SRZ Racing Team Driver

The Challenge

To win more consistently, SRZ needed to up their game. They needed more durability from their truck engines, an increase in power and more speed. They knew that their driver, Stephen Zammit, was among the best on the circuit, and to utilize his skills completely, they needed equipment to perform at its best. SRZ’s ultimate goal was to win both the Trans-Tasman Truck Racing Championship and the Australian Super Truck Championship in the same year, a feat that had never before been accomplished in the history of ANTRO.

The Solution

As Howe puts it, SRZ went all-in and “fitted it all up.” The team implemented all of Donaldson’s recommendations for achieving better performance. SRZ installed new Donaldson Blue filters, transmission filters, engine oil filters, breathers and bulk diesel fuel filtration systems that cleaned the fuel entering SRZ’s trucks for optimal performance, even under the punishing conditions of Super Truck Racing.

The Result

The Donaldson products and filtration systems were installed before the 2013 racing season, and SRZ was very pleased with the results.

  • There were no Donaldson product failures, even under these extreme conditions
  • SRZ finished every race
  • Transmission lines proved to be slightly cooler as compared to previous seasons, and this turned out to be an enormous advantage
  • Lap times were improved by a whopping 1.5 seconds per lap – an eternity in racing terms
  • SRZ accomplished its goal and won both the Trans-Tasman and Australian Super Truck Championships in a single year!

SRZ’s competitors, while at first skeptical about the team’s new tactics, were impressed by the team’s results, and at least four have contacted Donaldson to discuss how they too can achieve more using Donaldson’s line of products and expertise. On this competitive yet friendly racing circuit, secrets don’t stay secret for long!

Donaldson is proud to have sponsored SRZ Racing for the last 5 years. We congratulate the entire SRZ Racing team on their thrilling Championship wins in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

51,000 Reasons to Keep Running with Donaldson Filters http://www.fhs.co.za/2018/10/23/35-billion-industrial-filtration-market-global-forecast-to-2023/ Tue, 23 Oct 2018 14:27:48 +0000 http://designingart.club/?p=30
The coal industry is notoriously hard on vehicles and equipment. In West Virginia, where all four seasons are harsh and unforgiving, maintenance crews on coal jobsites face a variety of dirt, dust and grime that few environments can match. To keep their equipment up and running, these maintenance crews need every advantage they can get.

So when a longtime Donaldson coal mining customer in Charleston, West Virginia, claimed to have one of the longest-running engines in the industry – 51,000 hours of work without a rebuild or major repairs, the equivalent of almost six years of continuous work – we were amazed and proud to learn from the company’s maintenance manager that they attributed that longevity in large part to exclusively running their equipment with Donaldson filters. (This customer asked us not to use their name so as not to divulge any trade secrets – but they did want us to tell their story).

“What a great testimonial for our filtration products,” said Ted Angelo, Global Product Director, Engine Aftermarket at Donaldson Company. “Whether for oil, air intake, hydraulics or fuel, we are committed to providing the highest quality filters to meet our customer needs – even in extreme operating environments.”

According to the maintenance director at this mine site, a MTU 4000 Series engine has seen nearly nine consecutive years of use in one Haul Truck with virtually no downtime other than scheduled maintenance.  This has been a major advantage to their operation, where efficiency and reliability play such a vital role.

“We know the coal industry is highly competitive right now,” said Angelo. “If you’re operation is not efficient and cost conscious, you fall behind quickly. Our mining customers are finding that Donaldson filters provide the highest filtration efficiency and lowest maintenance costs – which is a real advantage in an industry where margins are under constant pressure.”
Donaldson Blue®: The Star of this Story.

While this coal producing customer uses a full range of Donaldson filters, the stars of this story are the Donaldson Blue® extended-service air filters. These filters, which include Donaldson’s proprietary Ultra-Web® nanofiber media, are designed specifically for extended filter maintenance programs and deliver better engine protection, minimized equipment downtime and reduced long-term operating costs for fleets. If this off-road equipment success story is any indication, Donaldson Blue filters do exactly what is intended, and then some.

“In the ever-changing West Virginian environment, effective air filtration is a must,” says Joseph Serrenho, Donaldson Senior Territory Manager. “In dry conditions, the dirt and coal dust are ever-present. But even in wet or snowy conditions, the combined exhaust from the jobsite equipment blows down on the hard-packed roads and creates a dust mixture that can be deadly for engines.” This abrasive mixture can destroy an engine in a matter of hours if the air filter fails. According to this Donaldson customer, not one engine has been dusted in the 20 years the company has used Donaldson filters.

The typical MTU Series 4000 engine provides 25,000 to 30,000 hours of service in the coal industry. Many off-road engine owners find it easier to completely replace an aging engine than to overhaul or make regular repairs, so when an engine reaches that 30,000-hour mark, the maintenance team automatically orders a replacement. For this particular customer, the replacement for the company’ “star” engine has been sitting in storage for more than four years. “They’ve been waiting for the engine to fail,” says Angelo, “But it just keeps going!”

In fact, it is believed that the 51,000-hour outlier is one of the longest-running engines in the industry. In addition to the use of high-quality Donaldson filtration products, a fully integrated maintenance program is also credited for the long life of the record breaker. But it’s not just a single engine that Donaldson and this mine’s maintenance team hang their hats on. The operation boasts four Series 4000 engines that have clocked well over 40,000 hours of use and a number of others that have already far exceeded 30,000 hours of service. Overall, the team maintains 90 percent availability in the fleet, an important benchmark in an industry where margins are tighter than ever before.

Because those margins are razor-thin, this mine’s maintenance team finds that Donaldson Blue air filters also save when it comes to replacements.  With standard cellulose air filters, a typical maintenance team would expect to swap out filters three to four times per year per vehicle. The efficient Donaldson Blue filters used on this customer’s haul trucks have lasted up to a full year, cutting maintenance downtime and filtration costs by up to 75 percent.

“When our customer realized the value in using Donaldson Blue air filters in engines like the Series 4000, they didn’t hesitate to make minor modification to a pair of excavators so they, too, could accept the latest Donaldson Blue  filters,” said Serrenho.

“This major coal mining operation moves 3 million tons of coal with more than 80 pieces of major equipment every year”, says Angelo.  “We’re happy to play a part in the success of such a hard working company.  When we see this type of success and we recognize that we’ve helped a customer to achieve such great heights – it’s what motivates us to help each customer achieve more.”

*Data represents customer experience in this particular coal mining application. Results may vary depending upon application and environmental conditions.